AbstractsBiology & Animal Science

An integrated study on the Biological treatment of no3 n laden Aquaculture wastewater;

by Manoj V R

Institution: Anna University
Department: An integrated study on the Biological treatment of no3 n laden Aquaculture wastewater
Year: 2015
Keywords: Aquaculture wastewater; Natural resources
Record ID: 1208807
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/32165


Sustainable development conserves natural resources protects the newlineEnvironment and is technically appropriate economically viable and socially newlineacceptable Environmental sustainability is a very critical parameter in newlineaquaculture Untreated discharge from aquaculture farms is a constant cause of newlineeutrophication in receiving water bodies affecting aquatic life forms The newlinemost important solution to combat aquaculture pollution is to design newlineeconomically sustainable measures and methods of wastewater treatment newlineThe aquaculture industry has been challenged to develop newlineeconomically viable systems that not only produce species at high density but newlinealso must contend with limitations because of location water availability and newlineenvironmental impacts There are two primary reasons for this obligatory newlinerequirement The first reason is high volumes of wastewater from an newlineaquaculture pond are released every day during water exchange into newlinesurrounding natural water bodies which directly influence the nutrient newlinedynamics of these bodies This is especially serious when the same water is newlinebeing drawn in by adjacent aquaculture facilities and more importantly when newlineit becomes an important source water for the needs of the surrounding newlinecommunities The second reason is the need to create a system wherein much newlineof the water being released can be treated and recycled back into the culture newlinesystem through the implementation of appropriate recirculation technologies newlineThe second reason offers solutions for water conservation and avoids disputes newlinedue to overuse of water resources in the community newline newline%%%reference p177-197.