Theoretical investigation of sp half Metals in heusler structure;

by Umamaheswari R

Institution: Anna University
Department: Theoretical investigation of sp half Metals in heusler structure
Year: 2015
Keywords: Diluted magnetic semiconductor; zinc blende
Record ID: 1208741
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39748


The study of spintronics materials such as diluted magnetic newlinesemiconductor DMS s multiferroic and half metallic HM alloys is one of newlinethe most attractive fields in science from the viewpoints of both academic newlineresearch and applications In order to understand the origin of ferromagnetism newlineof these spintronic materials it is necessary to investigate the electronic newlinestructure So far many materials have been found to be HM Among these newlinematerials HM Heusler compounds are expected to play an important role in newlinespintronic applications because of their very high Curie temperature and newlinestructural similarity with widely used binary semiconductors crystallizing in newlinethe zinc blende ZB structure Recently half metallic ferromagnetism HMF newlinehas been predicted for several compounds which do not include transition newlinemetal TM atoms in which magnetism is mainly due to the spin polarization newlineof p like states of an anion It is of great interest to merge the magnetic newlineproperties of the sp HMF compounds with the properties of Heusler type newlinestructure newline newline%%%reference p186-205.