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Analysis of glandular cells in Sputum cytology images for lung Cancer detection;

by Venkataraman D

Institution: Anna University
Department: Analysis of glandular cells in Sputum cytology images for lung Cancer detection
Year: 2015
Keywords: Adenocarcinoma cancer; Cancer detection
Record ID: 1207783
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One of the biggest challenges the world face today is the mortality newlinedue to Cancer One in four of all diagnosed cancers involve the lung cancer newlinewhere the mortality rate is high even after so much of technical and medical newlineadvances Most lung cancer cases are diagnosed either in the third or fourth newlinestage when the disease is not treatable The main reason for the highest newlinemortality due to lung cancer is because of non availability of prescreening newlinesystem which can analyze the cancer cells at early stages So it is necessary to newlinedevelop a prescreening system which helps doctors to find and detect lung newlinecancer at early stages newlineOut of all various types of lung cancers adenocarcinoma is newlineincreasing at an alarming rate The reason is mainly attributed to the increased newlinerate of smoking both active and passive So it is necessary to screen newlineadenocarcinoma cancer newlineVarious modalities like light microscopy X ray CT and MRI are newlineused for the detection and diagnosis of lung cancer Each of these has its own newlineadvantages and disadvantages This work is to develop a low cost and newlineeffective pre screening system which can be deployed on a wide scale newlineSeveral previous studies suggest that sputum cytology is the best and newlineaffordable method for lung cancer detection newline newline%%%reference p161-171.