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A study on the promotional methods of Mobile phone service providers with special Reference to coimbatore city;

by Janakiraman shrikanth

Institution: Anna University
Department: A study on the promotional methods of Mobile phone service providers with special Reference to coimbatore city
Year: 2015
Keywords: Management sciences
Record ID: 1207424
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Advertising is a form of communication designed to persuade potential customers newlineto choose product or service over that of a computer Advertising involves making newlineproducts or services positively known by that section of the public most likely to newlinepurchase them It should be a planned consistent activity that keeps the name of business newlineand the benefits of products or services uppermost in the mind of the consumer The newlinepurpose of advertising is to convince customers that the company products are the best newlineEnhance the image of the company point out and create a need for products or services newlinedemonstrate new uses for established products announce new products and programs newlinereinforce the salespeople s individual messages draw customers to the business and to hold existing customers India s mobile telephony subscriber base is growing at a faster rate than any other field in India The total number of mobile subscribers in India as of July 2009 was 325 7 newlinemillion By July 2010 the subscriber base had increased to 688 38 million and currently newlineat the end of February 2011 there are nearly 752 mobile subscribers This is a leap bound newlineincrease in a course of 10 years when compared to the roughly 5 million subscribers in newline2011 It is projected that India will have around 1 159 billion mobile subscribers in 2013 newlineIt is predicted that India will surpass China in the total number of mobile subscribers newlineduring 2014 newlineEvery day we are bombarded with different advertising messages whether it is on newlinethe radio while we are driving to work on television during our favourite programs or in newlinemagazines and newspapers newline newline newline%%%appendix p183-193, reference p194-203.