AbstractsBiology & Animal Science

Investigations on design and analysis Of amplifiers and filters for mobile And biomedical applications;

by Santhanalakshmi M

Institution: Anna University
Department: Investigations on design and analysis Of amplifiers and filters for mobile And biomedical applications
Year: 2015
Keywords: Common Mode Rejection Ratio; operational transconductance; Third order Harmonic Distortion
Record ID: 1206528
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/38941


newline In recent years rapid growth in CMOS technology has made newlineanalog integrated circuits to dominate today s market in providing low cost newlinehigh performance systems Wide band analog signal processing finds variety newlineof applications in telecommunications consumer and medical electronics newlineSince continuous time filtering is preferred for low voltage low power newlineApplications an analog low pass filter forms the basic building block in all newlinethese systems The operational transconductance based OTA C or Gm C newlinefilters are chosen for the realization of analog filter due to their structural newlinesimplicity electronic tenability high frequency capability and monolithic newlineintegratability The performance of this filter relies on the design of the newlineoperational transconductance OTA which forms the versatile newlinebuilding block in many analog mixed systems In this thesis an approach is newlinemade towards the designing of amplifiers and filters for mobile and newlinebiomedical applications newlineThis research work focuses on the design and analysis of various newlinesingle ended and fully differential architectures like telescopic OTA folded newlinecascode OTA two stage OTA and gain boosted OTA The comparison is newlinemade among these structures based on the performance parameters like newlinetransconductance gain Common Mode Rejection Ratio CMRR Power newlineSupply Rejection Ratio PSRR Slew rate Total harmonic distortion THD newlineThird order Harmonic Distortion HD3 newline%%%reference p238-245.