Selective catalytic reduction of nox on new catalytic systems;

by Viswanathan K R

Institution: Anna University
Department: Selective catalytic reduction of nox on new catalytic systems
Year: 2015
Keywords: catalytic reduction; mechanical engineering; nox
Record ID: 1206433
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/33724


Air pollution is the major part of overall atmospheric pollution and newlinemotor vehicle emissions usually constitute the most significant source for air newlinepollution In cities across the globe the personal automobile is the single newlinelargest polluter as emissions from a billion vehicles on the road add up to newlineplanetwide problem Environmental pollution by engine exhausts has newlinebecome more and more serious problem especially with respect to nitrogen newlineoxidesNOx Since the success in reducing the pollutant emission is newlineindispensable for vehicles to survive great efforts have been devoted to newlinedevelop efficient catalysts Important chemical pollutants emitted by land newlinevehicles are carbon monoxide CO sulphur dioxide SO2 nitrogen oxides newlineNOxand total suspended particulates TSP newline newline newline%%%Reference p.124-136