A study on acceptance sampling plans Based on truncated life tests for Some exponentiated probability Distributions;

by Sriramachandran G V

Institution: Anna University
Department: A study on acceptance sampling plans Based on truncated life tests for Some exponentiated probability Distributions
Year: 2015
Keywords: probability Distributions; Truncated Life Tests Based
Record ID: 1206306
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39067


Acceptance sampling plan is one of the major fields in statistical newlinequality control It is used by the consumer to decide whether to accept or newlinereject the lots of products from the producers Acceptance sampling is often newlineused when the inspection of the product is costly or destructive If the quality newlinecharacteristic is regarding the lifetime of the product the acceptance sampling newlineproblem become a life tests newlineAcceptance Sampling Plans from Truncated Life Tests Based newlineon Mean In this section an acceptance sampling plan is based on truncated newlinelife test if the lifetime of the product follows exponentiated exponential newlinedistribution exponentiated gamma distribution and exponentiated inverse newlineRayleigh distribution A methodology to find the minimum sample size newlinenecessary to assert the average life to exceed a specified mean with various newlineconfidence levels and the corresponding acceptance number c using binomial newlineprobabilities was proposed The operating characteristic values and the newlineminimum ratio of true life to specified mean life of exponentiated distribution newlinefor the acceptance of a lot with producer s risk of 0 05 for the above sampling newlineplans were also discussed The results obtained here were compared with newlinebase distributions newlineThe design of acceptance sampling plans based on population mean newlineunder a truncated life tests sometimes may not satisfy the requirement of newlineengineering on the specific percentile of strength or breaking stress newline newline%%%reference p131-140.