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Content based image retrieval ofrain mr images and level basedAnomaly detection;

by Abraham V

Institution: Anna University
Department: Content based image retrieval ofrain mr images and level basedAnomaly detection
Year: 2015
Keywords: level basedAnomaly detection
Record ID: 1206280
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/33158


The medical imaging technology plays a crucial role in newlinevisualization and analysis of the human body with unprecedented accuracy newlineand resolution The information obtained from the patients data in the form of newlineimages coupled with experts previous experience of a limited number of newlinesimilar cases is a key factor in the decisiondiagnosis process Analyzing the newlineimages across patients can reveal important similarities between patients and newlinepotential treatments of their diseases Researchers have primarily focused to newlineimprove the effectiveness of diagnosis in single patient data like Cobb angle newlinefor scoliosis diagnosis computing a brain lesion sizeetc A less emphasis has newlinebeen given to improve the diagnosis with the comparison of multiple patients newlinetheir pathologies and progresses by search and retrieval systems The patient newlineto patient comparison should especially improve the diagnosis of diseases that newlineaffect a large number of patients For example in the case of an unusual bend newlinein the corpus callosum the band of fibres connecting the hemispheres it newlinewould be compared with other subjects both schizophrenics and matched newlinecontrols in order to confirm whether it is a structural defect correlated with newlinethe disease newline newline%%%reference p109-125.