Personalized web search based on user conceptual index;

by Sendhilkumar S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Personalized web search based on user conceptual index
Year: 2015
Keywords: information and communication engineering; Personalized web search; user conceptual index
Record ID: 1205774
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/32731


The web creates new challenges for information retrieval Because newlineof the phenomenal growth of web searching for particular information newlineconsumes more time Search engines are one of the most publicly visible newlinerealizations of information retrieval technology because they critically help newlineusers in finding relevant information on the World Wide Web WWW newlineTraditional search engines obtain the results by keyword based newlinetechniques and finally retrieve thousands of result pages of which only a newlinehandful are relevant In addition WWW data and the web users are so newlinedynamic and it is difficult to capture the user preferences and interests without newlineinterfering with the normal activity of the user newline newline%%%Reference p. 171-187