Cost effective sensorless speed Control of permanent magnet Brushless dc motor;

by Vanisri A

Institution: Anna University
Department: Cost effective sensorless speed Control of permanent magnet Brushless dc motor
Year: 2015
Keywords: Genetic algorithm; Permanent Magnet Brushless DC; Total Harmonic Distortion
Record ID: 1205323
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39137


Permanent Magnet Brushless DC PMBLDC motors have been newlinedesired for small horse power motor due to their higher efficiency silent newlineoperation compact form reliability and low maintenance Improvements in newlinepermanent magnetic materials and power electronic devices have resulted in newlinereliable cost effective PMBLDC drives for many applications In addition newlinethe ratio of torque delivered to the size of the motor is higher making it useful newlinein applications where space and weight are critical factors The brushless DC newlinemotor is a multivariable and non linear system Advances in artificial newlineintelligence like neural network fuzzy logic Genetic algorithm etc have newlinemade tremendous impact on electric motor drives On the other hand with newlinethe rapid progress in microelectronics Field Programmable Gate Array newline FPGA is more flexible programmable and cost effective Therefore more newlineand more widely used by recent researchers newlineThis research work deals with the different methodologies to newlineimprove the speed range and to lower the harmonic content thereby reducing newlinethe Total Harmonic Distortion THD without increasing the switching losses newlinein the power electronic drive system The main objective of this work is to newlineimplement the above requirement with minimal cost newline newline%%%reference p163-175.