AbstractsLanguage, Literature & Linguistics

Influence of Tajik language on Kashmiri Language;

by Dilshada

Institution: University of Kashmir
Year: 2015
Keywords: Language-words-Idioms-phrases-proverbs; Tajik and Kashmiri
Record ID: 1204619
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/33297


The thesis shows how and when the Tajik language started the course of its Impact on newlinethe social life of this particular region ie Kashmir Lexis of Kashmiri language with newlinespecial reference to Tajik Language is presented Due attention has been given to such Tajik words as are assimilated newlinein the Kashmiri language either in direct form having same pronunciation and script or in slightly deformed form having a little changed pronunciation or script In the thesis an English transliteration of Tajik and Kashmiri words is also provided where found necessary Some Tajik and Kashmiri words Idioms phrases and proverbs have been explained in English also newline%%%