AbstractsComputer Science

Reliability enhancement of wireless Sensor network through fault Tolerant techniques;

by Latha N

Institution: Anna University
Department: Reliability enhancement of wireless Sensor network through fault Tolerant techniques
Year: 2015
Keywords: Operating System; Processing modules; Wireless sensor network
Record ID: 1204422
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A wireless sensor network WSN consists of large numbers of newlinevery small low powered low cost sensor nodes which are interconnected newlinethrough wireless link The sensor nodes include hardware of sensors newlinecommunication and processing modules and Operating System OS newlinesoftware They are self configurable to form the network and are deployed newlineover the sensing field The important advantage of the wireless sensor newlinenetwork is that it is capable of monitoring in detail the inaccessible locations newlinewhere it is not possible to install conventional wired infrastructure In recent newlineyears the WSN entered into various potential applications like weather newlineforecasting structure health monitoring wildlife preservation and in the newlineexploration of undersea wealth Reliability accuracy flexibility cost newlineeffectiveness and ease of deployment are the requirements of a WSN newlineapplication These applications may require reliable network for collecting all newlinethe data without loss from the sensor nodes Resource limited sensor nodes newlineand unreliable wireless links are the major constraints in WSN In addition to newlinethis the various performance demands of different applications and hostile newlineenvironments impose challenges in designing a reliable network for an newlineapplication As a result error may be introduced in sensor measurements newlinewhile sensing processing or reporting the data to the sink and thus decreasing newlinethe network reliability newline newline%%%reference p174-186.