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Biochemical Changes in Patients with Diabetic Cardiomyopathy during Drug Therapy and The Cardioprotective Effect of Selected Medicinal Plants In Isoproterenol Induced Swiss Albino Rats;

by T Kirithika

Institution: Avinashilingam Deemed University For Women
Department: Biochemistry
Year: 2015
Keywords: DPPH; Isoproterenol; A. saman; Cardio protective
Record ID: 1204277
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/32512


Diabetic cardiomyopathy characterized by left ventricular dysfunction and LV hypertrophy independent of myocardial ischemia and hypertension could contribute to the increased newlinelife time risk for congestive heart failure seen in patients with diabetes Phase I Diabetic patients newlineattending the outpatient ward of two hospitals in Coimbatore were selected for the study The study was conducted for a period of two years A survey was taken from the patients using a questionnaire and personal interaction Based on their HbA1C BP and cholesterol levels 1500 diabetic patients were newlinescreened for cardiac disease Among them 300 patients were found to be suffering from cardiac newlinedisorder The presence of cardiomyopathy in 100 patients was confirmed by angiogram and they were newlineselected for further study After screening the patients blood sample was analysed for apolipoprotein newlineA and B high sensitivity C reactive protein creatinine Kinase total Cholesterol triglycerides high newlinedensity lipo protein low density lipo protein very low density lipo protein and Troponin T to know the severity of the disease In Phase II the medicinal plants Albizia saman and Nelumbo nucifera were selected for the study Phytochemical analysis was carried out in both the plants in various extracts Aqueous Benzene Ethanol Chloroform Methanol and Ethyl acetate and free radical scavenging was carried out Bioactive constituents in the selected samples were characterized using HPTLC and GCMS analysis In Phase III The cardio protective effect of methanolic extract of Albizia saman leaves MeAsL and methanolic extract of Nelumbo nucifera flowers MeNnF animal studies were carried out Each group constituted five animals Group I served as control Group II III IV V VI and VII animals were induced with Streptozotocin A freshly prepared solution of Streptozotocin STZ 45mg per kg body weight in 0point1 M citrate buffer pH 4point5 was injected intraperitoneally to overnight fasted rats STZ injected animals exhibited hyperglycaemia within 48 to 36 hrs Group III rats were treated wit%%%