AbstractsComputer Science

Adaptable middleware model for Dynamic changes in the requirements;

by Suganthi S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Adaptable middleware model for Dynamic changes in the requirements
Year: 2015
Keywords: Adaptable middleware; Computing and operational environments
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There is an increasing demand for software that should cope with newlinevariability due to the diversity in customer needs computing and operational newlineenvironments The software that can adapt to the changes in customer newlinerequirements or and in environments is referred to as an adaptable software newlinesystem The software adaptation is classified as static which adapts to the newlinechanges known during the design time and dynamic which is the ability of newlinehandling changes at run time The dynamic adaptation is a challenging task newlineThe existing adaptation techniques are cost and time consuming processes and newlinetheir features are inadequate to support dynamic adaptation Hence the newlinepresent work has focused towards developing an adaptable system that will newlinepossess the features of i Adapting run time changes in the user requirements newlinewithout reconfiguration ii Dynamic discovery of components based on newlinechanges in the requirements and iii Changing the services or components newlinewithout affecting the existing structure The dynamic aspect weaving newlineadaptation approach and adaptable middleware model have been proposed in newlinethe present work for developing an adaptable system with the above newlinementioned features Also the metrics for evaluating the adaptability newlineefficiency of a system have been devised using the principles of coupling newline newline%%%appendix p132-153, reference p154-163.