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Impact of message involvement on Attitudes and purchase intentions Towards green advertising;

by Angeline gautami Fernando

Institution: Anna University
Department: Impact of message involvement on Attitudes and purchase intentions Towards green advertising
Year: 2015
Keywords: Elaboration Likelihood Model; Green marketing; Protection Motivation Theory
Record ID: 1202207
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34165


Green marketing is an imperative rather than an option in the face newlineof rising environmental problems Increasing consumption is causing a newlinedevastating effect on the natural environment and marketing can no longer newlineafford to ignore this resource Green advertising has restricted itself mostly to newlineunderstanding the green consumer alone despite researchers pointing out that newlinethis would amount to green marketing myopia Hence green marketing needs newlineto target all consumers rather than the green niche alone Enduring newlineinvolvement with the environment environment concern has been the focus newlineof most green advertising studies although it does always translate to purchase newlineintentions Irrespective of enduring involvement with the environment newlinesituational involvement can create high involvement with the green newlineadvertising message Based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model ELM this newlineresearch examines the impact of both enduring and situational involvement on newlineresponses to green advertising Perceived risk is an important antecedent of newlinesituational involvement and fear appeals are used to increase perceived risk so newlinethat the recipient systematically processes a message newlineIn this research consumers are presented with realistic threats to newlinecreate awareness about the health risks posed by indiscriminate consumption newlineThe appeal is designed using a framework based on the Protection Motivation newlineTheory PMT to heighten message involvement and thus persuade newlineconsumers to purchase green products newline newline%%%appendix p271-324, reference p325-359.