An evaluative study on the Reach and effectiveness of Anna edusat television;

by Bandita kumari panda

Institution: Anna University
Department: An evaluative study on the Reach and effectiveness of Anna edusat television
Year: 2015
Keywords: Discovery National Geographic; The Learning Channel
Record ID: 1201705
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34505


Television has today become the heart throb of one and all It offers newlinevaried programmes and reaches a wider group of viewers Most of the newlineprogrammes are targeted towards the public with a motto to entertain newlineeducate inform and enrich Restricted by its own limitations and with the newlineconvergence of ICT the functions of television have now diversified Digital newlinegrowth has made television channels form into a network and offer bouquets newlineof speciality based programmes With the initiative from the government newlinegrowing and private firms continuously investing in new media sectors the newlineeducational channels have also established a very meagre footmark As the newlinechannels compete with each other for gaining TRP and in luring the newlineadvertisers the major chunk is shared by entertainment and news channels newlineDiscovery National Geographic TLC The Learning Channel etc newlinehas topped the charts when it comes to general educational television The newlinerest have not grabbed the attention of the public Lack of publicity and newlineabsolutely nil profit are the reasons why educational television channels are newlinefailing Television can be a very useful academic tool and has been used in newlinethe classroom for academic purposes since the 1970 s The television newlineprogrammes are used to assist children in various subject areas and are used newlinealongside other teaching materials to give a well rounded approach to newlinelearning newline newline%%%appendix p163-176, reference p177-189.