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VIPV an effective streaming system For VCR interactivity in peer to peer Video on demand systems;

by Arockia xavier annie R

Institution: Anna University
Department: VIPV an effective streaming system For VCR interactivity in peer to peer Video on demand systems
Year: 2015
Keywords: Peer to Peer; Video on Demand
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In this research a framework has been provided for an effective newlinestreaming system for VCR Interactivity in Peer to Peer Video on Demand newline VIPV systems This is realized as a system in our research work that caters newlineto the requirements of VCR Video Cassette Recorder operations disclosed newlineto scaling heterogeneous Peer to Peer p2p clients who enjoy privileges of newlineequal quality video with a comparatively small delay In the process of newlineproviding a complete VoD model our novel work performs an integrated newlinesystem management that solves the system requirements especially for VCR newlineinteractive operations, that basic Peer to Peer Video on Demand P2VoD newlinesystems lack in several ways This work combines beneficial factors newlineintegrated stupendously and it is concentrated at the server the tracker and at newlinethe peer clients who form the base model of every VoD system newlineIssues on the server side arise since the server has to deal with the newlineheterogeneity and scalability of clients that make the request to the server newlineOur research work has been carried out in such a way that the server process newlineis able to maintain the resources and manage the requests in terms of various newlinesuitable performance factors and metrics These include the storage and newlinetranscoding of videos during peak time the content distribution management newlineand provision of quality video during interactive operations such as Fast newlineForward FF Backward BW skip pause and replay to less privileged newlineusers The major focus of our research work is to bring down the transcoding newlineeffort required at the server in VCR operations newline newline%%%appendix p216-219, reference p220-234.