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Native visions and alien voices in the Works of jhumpa lahiri;

by Vijayakumar M

Institution: Anna University
Department: Native visions and alien voices in the Works of jhumpa lahiri
Year: 2015
Keywords: Multi cultural commitment Lahiri; Native Visions and Alien Voices
Record ID: 1200607
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The research work entitled Native Visions and Alien Voices in the newlineWorks of Jhumpa Lahiri explores the complex realities in the lives of newlineimmigrant Indians in their settled countries Jhumpa Lahiri as an Indian newlineAmerican envisions the life of the immigrants in the United States through newlinetheir perceptions both in her novels and short story collections For her newlinefiction serves as a medium to bring out her own experiences as an immigrant newlineHer urge to live as an Indian at home and as an American in the outer world newlineenables her to be a successful diasporic writer Her immigrant characters newlineconsciously live with their native visions but interact with alien voices as it is newlinea means of survival This consciousness as well as interaction leads to cultural newlineconflicts which ultimately have their effects on one s psyche This study newlinethrows light on the diasporic perceptions of Lahiri the cultural adaptations newlineand disorientations of the immigrant characters the psychological newlineintrospection of Lahiri s protagonists and the creative genius of Lahiri newlineEvery immigrant is exposed to an environment which demands newlinedependence on the society voluntary immersion into the foreignness and newlinemulti cultural commitment Lahiri s first generation immigrants behave as newlinebrilliant settlers by envisioning their native visions and by understanding the newlinecurrent reality newline newline%%%reference p224-233.