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Certain investigations on multisource Multicast routing protocols For mobile ad hoc networks;

by Rangarajan J

Institution: Anna University
Department: Certain investigations on multisource Multicast routing protocols For mobile ad hoc networks
Year: 2015
Keywords: Mobile Ad Hoc Network; multicast session
Record ID: 1200425
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October 2014 newlineMobile Ad Hoc Network MANET is a group of wireless nodes newlinewithout any central infrastructure which self organize into a network in order newlineto communicate with each other Every node in this type of network can take newlinethe role of a router and forwards data packets to other nodes Due to their newlineinherent broadcast capability MANET is well suited for multicast newlineapplications In a MANET multicasting has an advantage of saving newlinebandwidth whenever same data or message packet has to be delivered to newlinemultiple receivers By combining the applications of ad hoc networks with newlinemulticasting it is possible to provide a large number of the group application newlinein which mobile users may communicate with a static controller or group newlinehead effectively Multicast communications are also called as one to many newlineand many to many communication In many to many situations more than newlineone source is available newlineA multicast session is established in a network by creating a newlinemulticast structure through which the data is delivered Protocols differ in the newlineway of establishing such multicast structure Tree based and Mesh based newlinestructures are used in many of the routing protocols for ad hoc networks newlineBoth tree based and mesh based protocols use some kind of flooding to find newlinethe routes and store the route information in the routing table of the newlineintermediate nodes It is found that unnecessary flooding of control packets newlineto establish and maintain the routing structure will incurs a large amount of newlinecontrol overhead Using the clustering structure only a few cluster heads newlineneed to maintain local information thus prevents flooding of ineffective newlinepackets and to some extent reduce the control overhead newline%%%reference p139-150.