Investigations on vibration control Of structures using smart materials;

by Yuvaraja M

Institution: Anna University
Department: Investigations on vibration control Of structures using smart materials
Year: 2015
Keywords: Active vibration control; Lighter stronger; piezoelectricshape
Record ID: 1200104
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39429


Design in the fields of aeronautical, mechanical and civil requires Lighter stronger and more flexible structures However light weight structures newlinecan be more easily influenced by unnecessary vibrations which in turn might newlinelead to problems such as fatigue instability acoustic disturbances performance newlinereduction and failure due to resonance Though the composite structures of newlinelesser weight offer same strength when compared to conventional structures due newlineto its flexibility in nature tends to exhibit higher level of vibration Hence it is newlineessential to control the vibration of the composite structures which would newlineimprove the overall efficiency of the system In order to control the vibration newlinesmart materials such as piezoelectricshape memory alloysmagneto newlinerheological and electro rheological fluids etcare used widely because of its newlinesmartnessIn this present studyflexible cantilever structure is considered as a newlinebasic representation model for vibration control owing to the fact that the newlinecantilever structures are pre dominantly used in many applications like newlineconstruction and aerospace Hence this investigation is focused on vibration newlinecontrol of structures with the help of smart materials newlineThis dissertation investigates the development of smart structure for newlineactive vibration control newline%%%reference p153-158.