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Integrated management of Kondurupalem lagoonal inlet On east coast of india;

by Vandhana devi V

Institution: Anna University
Department: Integrated management of Kondurupalem lagoonal inlet On east coast of india
Year: 2015
Keywords: Hydrodynamic; Integrated Management of Kondurupalem Lagoonal Inlet on South East Coast of India; Tidal inlet
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Tidal inlet is the portion of water body between the sea and a newlineRiver backwater that is subjected to ingress of tide during high tide and newlineflushing during low tide These inlets remain cut off from the ocean whenever newlinesand bars form across their entrances Such seasonal closure of inlet causes newlinetwo main problems limited access for boats and deterioration of newlinelake estuaries lagoon water quality Keeping the inlet permanently open newlineensuring year around navigability and improving the flushing of the newlineestuaries lagoon continue to evince the interest and attention of ecologists and newlinemanagers alike newlineThe present study on the Integrated Management of newlineKondurupalem Lagoonal Inlet on South East Coast of India was newlineformulated after a comprehensive survey of literature on the subject The newlinethree year study 2010 2012 covered the following a Water quality newlineassessment of the tidal inlet in terms of a select set of physicochemical newlineparameters b A structured socio economic survey in a defined area inhabited newlineby fishing community and c Hydrodynamic modelling of the behaviour of newlineKondurupalem tidal inlet newlineStandard methods protocols and procedures have been employed newlineto collect relevant data Where applicable and appropriate the data have been newlinesubject to standard statistical treatment to enhance the reliability factor newline newline%%%appendix p214-225, reference p226-251.