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Development and characterization Of epoxy based nanocomposites;

by Julyes jaisingh S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Development and characterization Of epoxy based nanocomposites
Year: 2015
Keywords: Glass Kevlar fiber; Unsaturated Polyester
Record ID: 1199911
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/37795


The scope of the present work is the development of epoxy based newlineNanocomposites Detailed investigations have been conducted and the various newlineMechanical Electrical and Thermal properties of the composites have been newlinedetermined and presented The toughening of epoxy was done with newlineUnsaturated Polyester UP and reinforced with iron III oxide and newlinesiliconized iron III oxide nanoparticles The iron III oxide nanoparticles newlinewas modified with 3 aminopropyltrimethoxysilane under the N2 atmosphere newlineusing dibutyltin dilaurate catalyst The purity and siliconization of iron III newlineoxide nanoparticles were confirmed by Fourier Transform Infra Red newlinespectroscopy newlineThe formation of intercrosslinked network structure between epoxy newlineand UP was confirmed by FT IR The formation of intermolecular hydrogen newlinebonding between the carbonyl group on the polyester and the epoxide ring newlinewere confirmed by FT IR spectral studies The iron III oxide nanoparticles newlinesiliconized iron III oxide nanoparticles size and structure was confirmed by newlineXRD and TEM Varying amounts of siliconized iron III oxide nanoparticles newlinewere incorporated into the UP toughened epoxy and cured with newlinediaminodiphenylmethane The Glass and Kevlar fibre reinforced UP newlinetoughened epoxy nanocomposites were prepared each using eight layers of newlineGlass Kevlar fiber reinforced UP toughened epoxy filled with silane modified newlineiron III oxide nanoparticles newline newline newline%%%appendix p148-151, reference p152-166.