AbstractsComputer Science

Shape based techniques for effective Content based image retrieval;

by Santhosh P

Institution: Anna University
Department: Shape based techniques for effective Content based image retrieval
Year: 2015
Keywords: Content based image; Contour based Region; High speed processors
Record ID: 1199716
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/40771


Shape is one of the most important visual features that characterizes an newlineobject and enable human beings to recognize it In Content based image newlineretrieval, shape representation and description techniques are used to retrieve newlineselected images effectively from large databases newlineAvailability of high speed processors high capacity storage devices and newlinehigh speed internet have resulted in large number of images being generated newlinetransmitted and stored from across the globe in digital form There is a newlinegrowing interest in searching for a particular image in large collections of newlineimage databases In order to search and retrieve a matching image these newlineimages need first be represented and described based on certain features newlineSearching for images using shape features is an active research area Many newlineshape representation and description techniques are discussed in the literature newlineShape representation and description techniques are broadly classified into newlineTwo Region based and Contour based Region based systems typically use newlinedescriptors based on the regional or internal content Boundary based systems newlineuse the contour of the objects and usually give better results for images that newlineare distinguishable by their contours newline%%%reference p101-107.