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Distributed denial of service DDOS Mitigation architecture for web Servers;

by Benson edwin raj S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Distributed denial of service DDOS Mitigation architecture for web Servers
Year: 2015
Keywords: Application Layer or Network Layer; Distributed Denial of Service; Internet world Web
Record ID: 1199537
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Online services are on a rapid rise in today s Internet world Web newlineServers which host these online services are the prime targets for the hackers newlineto perform Distributed Denial of Service DDoS attacks Attackers launch newlineDDoS attacks on web servers in order to disrupt the services or to consume newlinethe network bandwidth This makes legitimate users unable to access the web newlineresources at times DDoS attacks compromise the availability of the service newlineby utilizing the power of millions of zombies compromised computers under newlinethe control of the bot masters DDoS attacks existed since mid 1980 s and newlinethey are still the top most web security threat Hence mitigation of DDoS newlineattacks are becoming very important The distributed and dynamic nature of newlinethe DDoS attacks makes it more difficult to mitigate In order to mitigate the newlineDDoS attacks several techniques have been proposed in the past by various newlineResearchers However most of the project research were focusing either on newlineApplication Layer or Network Layer and are mostly providing single layer of newlineDefense In such scenario hackers and attackers are taking advantage of the newlineweakness of these mitigation techniques to launch the DDoS attack newline newline%%%reference p133-147.