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Design of credit based hybrid schemes To detect blackhole attacks in Mobile ad hoc networks using soft Computing frameworks;

by Vydeki D

Institution: Anna University
Department: Design of credit based hybrid schemes To detect blackhole attacks in Mobile ad hoc networks using soft Computing frameworks
Year: 2015
Keywords: Infrastructure Routing; Mobile ad hoc network
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A mobile ad hoc network MANET is a wireless multi hop newlinenetwork without any fixed infrastructure Routing in MANETs relies on the newlinetrustworthiness of all the nodes that participate in the routing process Routing newlinetable poisoning blackhole gray hole wormhole and Byzantine are some of newlinethe routing attacks aimed at the routing protocols of MANET Blackhole newlineattack is one of the virulent attacks that paralyze the process of the routing newlineprotocol and consequently the network operation The wireless node that newlinelaunches the blackhole attack strategically places itself in the active newlinecommunication path by sending fake routing information and drops the data newlinepackets instead of forwarding to the destination Securing MANET against newlineblackhole attacks is a challenging and complex task Many secure newlinemechanisms are available to thwart the routing attacks Nevertheless these newlinemechanisms are not adequate when authentic wireless nodes are compromised newlineand blackhole attacks are launched Hence it is essential to provide a second newlinelevel of defence in the form of Intrusion Detection System IDS that newlinemonitors the events occurring in the networks and reports about the intrusive newlinebehaviour of a node that initiates blackhole attack newlineIn this research work certain schemes are designed to detect newlineblackhole attacks using soft computing approaches such as fuzzy logic newlinegenetic algorithm and neural networks A cross layer approach has also been newlineemployed in the design of fuzzy neuro fuzzy detection schemes newlineThe hybrid schemes designed in this research work combine the newlineanomaly and specification based detection methods The anomaly method newlinedemands the automatic computation of the threshold values to define normal newlinebehavior such as user login access patterns and usage of resources In the newlinespecification based technique newline%%%appendix p136-152, reference p153-156.