Some studies on aluminium silicon Carbide graphite hybrid metal Matrix composites;

by Suresh P

Institution: Anna University
Department: Some studies on aluminium silicon Carbide graphite hybrid metal Matrix composites
Year: 2015
Keywords: Al SiC Gr hybrid; Tool lower temperature
Record ID: 1198788
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39751


Metal matrix composite materials provide interesting opportunities newlinefor new product design due to higher specific properties of strength and newlinestiffness increased wear resistance lower coefficient of thermal expansion newlineand dimensional stability at higher temperature when compared to newlineunreinforced monolithic alloys Composites with combined reinforcement of newlineSiC and Gr particulates are referred to as Al SiC Gr hybrid composites newlineAl SiC Gr hybrid composite provides better tribological and improved newlinemachinability properties due to existence of graphite particles, but on the newlineother side the strength of the composite is enhanced by the of SiC newlineceramic phase In machining of Al SiC Gr composites when compared to newlineAl SiC composites the following machining characteristics namely higher newlinematerial removal rate less friction between workpiece and tool lower newlinetemperature generation at contact point of machining less tool wear newlinediscontinuous chip formation low power consumption less cutting forces etc newlinehave been achieved newline newline%%%reference p185-195.