AbstractsPhilosophy & Theology

Lord Krishna in the art of Haryana: a comprehensive study; -

by Dhawan Meetu

Institution: Punjabi University
Department: Fine Arts
Year: 2011
Keywords: Fine Arts; Lord Krishna; Wall Paintings; Sculptures; Miniature Paintings; Folk Images
Record ID: 1195848
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The thesis Lord Krishna in the Art of Haryana: A Comprehensive Study is not only a study, but it also became a journey for me as I explored the most beautiful God - Krishna - in the land of Haryana. For this study, I preferred Haryana, as it is my native state and has always been a source of attraction and attachment for me. The objective behind doing this study was to bring to light the hidden folk art and culture, especially in the rural parts of Haryana, and revive the age-old culture and traditions, which are diminishing at a fast rate. The forms of Krishna which can be seen in wall-paintings, sculptures, miniature paintings, folk images were determined. Along with this, a comparison between Krishna s forms with art and literature has also been described. The other part includes the contemporary art forms of Krishna as created by the artists of Haryana. Lord Krishna has influenced the artists in such a way that they have been painting the theme of Krishna and His various facets and aspects since times immemorial. He is omnipresent in all forms of art. The thesis also summarizes the facts and figures carried out with the help of visiting the Shivalayas, Temples, mutths, deras, havelis, nauhras, chaupals, chhatris and wells in the villages; by attending their celebrations like fairs and festivals and holding interviews; by collecting relevant information from the persons concerned and by visiting art galleries and museums.%%%Bibiography p. 226 238