AbstractsLanguage, Literature & Linguistics

English studies in Kashmir An examination of the relationship between undergraduate english courses and literary studies in english at the M A level;

by Salma Ahad

Institution: University of Kashmir
Year: 2015
Keywords: Language skills-Linguistic-Communicative
Record ID: 1195273
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/32971


English fulfils diverse communicative functions in our country today and continues newlineto play an important role in the field of higher education In the Post Independence period it has fortunately been retained as the medium of instruction at the degree level in the state of Jammu and Kashmir unlike many states in India and General English continues to be a compulsory subject in our college curriculum However in spite of this favourable situation it is painful to note that at the Postgraduate level most of the students fail to interpret and evaluate literary texts properly As a result of it they not only rely on readymade notes but also fail to develop literary taste and sensibility General English courses at the undergraduate level aim at developing the newlinelanguage skills especially writing and reading among the students But those courses newlineoften overlook the importance of the essential skill needed to tackle literary texts at the M A level where they are supposed to consolidate all their skills to comprehend and evaluate a piece of literature newline%%%