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Studies on Application of Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland for Wastewater Treatment

by G Baskar

Institution: SRM University
Year: 2015
Record ID: 1194696
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34575


Constructed wetland is a candidate method due to its cost effective, newlineless energy sensitive, simple operation and maintenance, little secondary newlinepollution and favorable environmental appearance. Most of the historical newlinedevelopments and application of constructed wetlands have occurred in newlineAmerica, Europe and Australia, but interest is now rapidly increasing in Asia. newlineAs a result of fast economic growth in the past several decades, India now newlinefaces a serious water pollution problem. However, due to lack of awareness, newlineconstructed wetland systems have not been widely used in India. The newlineobjective of the present study is to investigate the efficacy of subsurface flow newlineconstructed wetland system for treatment of domestic wastewater. The newlinemethodology involved in this study includes design and construction, newlinetransplantation and start-up, operation and monitoring and sampling and newlineanalysis. The project site received an average rainfall of 1252 mm during the newlinestudy period. The project site is in tropical region. The temperature ranged newlinefrom 20.7°C to 42.53°C during the study period. The temperature gradually newlineincreases from January, reaches maximum in May and then follows a newlinedownward trend. newline