Performance enhancement of solar Fed cascaded multilevel inverter Using new and existing techniques;

by Albert alexander S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Performance enhancement of solar Fed cascaded multilevel inverter Using new and existing techniques
Year: 2015
Keywords: Cascaded Multi Level Inverter; Multi Level Inverter; Photo Voltaic
Record ID: 1194352
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/37826


Harmonics is an important concern in all the utility sectors The newlinefactors that contribute the harmonic distortion on distribution systems include newlineincreased application of capacitors and non linear devices In order to improve newlinethe power quality and also to maintain stable power supply performance an newlineinverter topology with harmonic reduction techniques is proposed newlineconventional inverters the Multi Level Inverter MLI can be employed newlineefficiently for harmonic reduction because these converters are based on the newlineseries connection of single phase inverters and widely applied to interface newlinerenewable energy sources newlineThere are three types of MLI structures such as diode clamped newlineflying capacitor and cascaded H Bridge Amongst the three topologies diode newlineclamped multilevel inverters are widely used in industrial drive applications newlinebut they require a number of diodes when the levels are increased whereas in newlinethe case of flying capacitor numerous capacitors are required when the level newlineexceeds three Hence the Cascaded Multi Level Inverter CMLI is an ideal newlinechoice to synthesize the desired output voltage from several Separate DC newlineSources SDCs like solar Photo Voltaic PV with reduced number of newlinecomponents when compared to the other topologies In addition CMLI has no newlinevoltage unbalance problem since each DC link is fed by an isolated DC newlinesource newline newline%%%reference p209-218.