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Robust zero watermarking for Medical image authentication;

by Velumani R

Institution: Anna University
Department: Robust zero watermarking for Medical image authentication
Year: 2015
Keywords: Medical image authentication; Teleradiology practices
Record ID: 1193799
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/34258


Advancements in information and communication technology have newlinerevolutionized healthcare with dayhawk and nighthawk teleradiology newlinesolutions These services require clinical reports medical history etc to newlinesupplement the radiology images for a thorough reading According to certain newlineclinical standards a remote radiologist must identify the patient newlineunambiguously with personally identifiable attributes date and time of newlineexamination brief patient history etc for patient authentication The newlinestandards also say that this information should accompany the image or may newlinealso be transmitted by fax or email However teleradiology practices are newlinegoverned by legislative standards and federal laws to protect the security and newlineprivacy of the stakeholders This research investigates the design and newlineimplementaion of medical image watermarking systems for medical image newlineauthentication with patient identifable data in a secured manner newlineMedical image watermarking has been recognized as a prospective newlineapproach for enhancing data security authenticity and content verification in newlinethe eHealth environment High fidelity reversibility blind watermark newlinedetection and resilience to intentional and accidental attacks are the desirable newlinecharacteristics of medical image watermarking systems This research newlinepresents robust reversible blind watermarking schemes assuring high fidelity newlinecatering to the conflicting needs of furnishing patient details to authorized newlinepractitioners and securing the same from unauthorized disclosure Traditional newlinewatermarking schemes are governed by the contradicting requirements of newlinetransparency robustness embedding capacity etc newline newline%%%reference p185-209.