Power factor correction in Permanent magnet brushless dc drive Using PFC converters;

by Umayal C

Institution: Anna University
Department: Power factor correction in Permanent magnet brushless dc drive Using PFC converters
Year: 2015
Keywords: electrical engineering; PFC converters; Power factor
Record ID: 1193569
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/42171


This work gives a comparative analysis of the various power factor newlinecorrection PFC converters used for the Permanent Magnet Brushless DC newlinePMBLDC drive The Bridgeless Boost Buck Boost Cuk and Zeta newlineconverters are comparatively investigated for the power factor correction and newlineTotal Harmonic Distortion THD The results obtained from this work can newlinehelp us to decide the topology to be used with the PMBLDC drive depending newlineon requirements like the power factor THD power density size and cost newlineThe simulation results are included in this work to illustrate the performance newlinedifferences among the converters in terms of the input power factor and newlineTHD newlineThis work also describes a simpler way to control the speed of the newlinePMBLDC motor using a closed loop control method The performance of newlinethe PFC converter fed PMBLDC drive is studied with various types of PFC newlineconverters at the input side The speed of the drive is regulated by using the newlinePI controller The Matlab Simulink tool is used as a tool to get a reliable and newlineflexible simulation In order to highlight the effectiveness of the chosen newlinespeed control method the studies are conducted for various load torques and newlinethe corresponding speed regulation is recorded using Matlab Simulink The newlineproposed method suppresses the torque oscillations This drive has high newlineaccuracy and robust operation from near zero to high speed newline newline%%%Reference p. 169-172