Non linear controller based boost Dc ac inverter for grid connected Solar power generation;

by Rajendran S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Non linear controller based boost Dc ac inverter for grid connected Solar power generation
Year: 2015
Keywords: proper voltage and frequency; voltage source inverter
Record ID: 1193361
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/33606


A boost dc ac inverter is extremely used in solar power conversion newlineSystem An efficient controller for single stage boost inverter will be useful in newlinesolar power generation system The boost dc ac inverter has distinguished newlinefeatures like boosting and inverting the low input dc voltage into high ac newlinevoltage in a single power conversion stage Also the overall solar power newlinegeneration system is improved due to the minimum number of power newlineswitching components The conventional controllers namely double loop newlinecontroller sliding mode controller and averaged current controller for the newlineboost dc ac inverter have some disadvantages such as incapability to give newlineinstant response during abrupt load changes complex theory the variable newlineswitching frequency the lack of an inductance averaged current control the newlineconstraints to the controller parameter selection and complex implementation newlineGenerally the voltage source inverter VSI has widely used for newlinesolar power generation but its output voltage is always lower than the input newlinevoltage So the conventional solar power generation needs minimum two newlinepower conversion stages for getting proper voltage and frequency to newlinesynchronize with single phase grid or ac loads newline newline%%%reference p148-151.