AbstractsWomens Studies

Racism and feminism in the select novels of afro american women writers toni morrison and alice walker;

by M Sumithra

Institution: Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
Year: 2015
Keywords: afro american; alice walker; feminism; Racism; toni morrison
Record ID: 1192663
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/38374


The authors toni morrison and alice walker are the most productive black women writers newlinein the united states of america who rose to eminence by means of their creative output as novelists newlineshort story writers essayists biographers and lecturers racism indicates the unequal power relations newlinethat grow from the socio political domination of one race by another ensuing in organised newlinediscriminatory practices feminism is an economic movement intended to establish equality in a newlinepolitical cultural legal rights and security for women their novels reflect their apprehension with newlinefundamental feministic and the racial issues of the blacks particularly of the black woman the newlineissues of racism are explored under the environmental conditions of the general victimhood of black newlinemales the destruction of culture and traditions of black families the usage of rememory technique newlinein bringing out past racial issues and attainment of selfhood is explored then the victimhood of newlineblack females and black children in form of internalised racism the intra racial racism and the lack newlineof emotional and psychological support for the children from the parents are analysed these aspects newlineof racism are analysed in all the novels of morrison and walker this research further investigates newlineinto the areas of feminism like portrayal of black women under the environment of patriarchy rape newlineas a tool of oppression womenhood motherhood etc the black women are portrayed variously as newlinegrand mother mother daughter wife friend etc the role of patriarchy comes from husbands newlinewhite masters fathers sons etc the research arrives at a conclusion after an extensive analysis and newlinejustifies that the core issues in the novels of toni morrison and alice walker are racism and newlinefeminism newline newline%%%