Dimensions of exclusion of muslim women artisans of Lucknow city: a sociological analysis; -

by Frah Sultana Farooqui

Institution: Aligarh Muslim University
Department: Sociology
Year: 2014
Keywords: Sociology
Record ID: 1189485
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/23080


newline The unorganised sector employs a majority of India s workforce An important feature of the unorganised sector in India is the predominant presence of women They are concentrated at the low end of the spectrum in low paying and insecure jobs The position and status of women workers in the Indian society has been a matter of grave concern for a long time In all the societies of the world both women and men work though women s work is unlike that of men Women engage not only in paid work but also unpaid work in the household where they are responsible for the bulk of housework childcare and other forms of physical labour A large part of it however escapes enumeration as it is perceived only as housework For many years in many societies only work outside the home productive work has been counted as real work As it is also linked to pay or income official statistics also refer to the number of people in economic activity as those involved in work newline newline%%%Bibliography p. 120-135