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The status of high schooland higher secondary school libraries Inkarurdistrict a study;

by Selvakumar P

Institution: Anna University
Department: The status of high schooland higher secondary school libraries Inkarurdistrict a study
Year: 2015
Keywords: Intellectualcontent; Secondaryschool libraries
Record ID: 1186932
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The School Library exists to provide a range of learning opportunities forboth large and small groups as well as individuals with a focus on intellectualcontent information literacyand the learner Hence ASchool Librarycan givea goodeducation tothe students So Every School must havea good Library Ifthere is no library in a school there would be many problems in Educational development However Information cannot be given promptly and accurately to the School Studentsand Teachers readinghabit cannot be created deepknowledge cannotbe acquired self discoverycannot be attained andintellectualcuriosity cannot be developed There will beno possibility to develop in pupils in the ability tolearn frombooks there willnot be any possibility to create alifelong liking andlongingfor newknowledge to help an individual torealizethefull potentialities of his personalitywithout school library Hence SchoolEducation Commission in India recommendsthat each and every school mustpossess a very good library So the library facilities at schoolare essential However this research hasbeen designed as acase study toanalyze the status of high school and higher secondary school libraries newlineThus the main objective of the study is to investigate about the currentstatus of high School andhigher Secondaryschool librariesin Karur District Tamilnadu India newline newline%%%appendix p215-225, reference p226-248.