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Durability performance of self Compacting concrete containing rice Husk ash and metakaolin;

by Kannan V

Institution: Anna University
Department: Durability performance of self Compacting concrete containing rice Husk ash and metakaolin
Year: 2015
Keywords: Metakaolin; Ordinary Portland cement; Self compacting concrete
Record ID: 1186644
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/41576


The present work deals with the development of self compacting newlineconcrete SCC containing rice husk ash RHA metakaolin MK and their newlinecombination 1 1 ratio Several research studies have reported on the newlineperformance of RHA and MK blended SCC However very limited newlineinformation is available on the permeability acid sulfate and corrosion newlineresistance characteristics of RHA MK and their combination blended SCC newlineThe objective of the present investigation was to evaluate RHA and newlineMK as supplementary cementitious materials in both binary and ternary newlineSystems in terms of fresh strength water permeability chloride ion newlinePermeability acid sulfuric and hydrochloric magnesium sulfate and newlinecorrosion resistance properties in blended cement SCC and to identify the newlineoptimal level of replacement of ordinary Portland cement OPC with RHA newlineMK or RHA MK The blended cements were prepared by replacing OPC newlinewith RHA MK or RHA MK 5 40 in dry conditions To that end newlineexperiments were carried out in three phases according to standard testing newlineprocedures newline newline%%%reference p189-205.