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Urban forest carbon stock Estimation using lidar data and Their impact on pollution Mitigation;

by Muneeswaran M

Institution: Anna University
Department: Urban forest carbon stock Estimation using lidar data and Their impact on pollution Mitigation
Year: 2015
Keywords: Deforestation and CO2; Remote Sensing offers
Record ID: 1186519
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/41579


Today more than 70 percent of the population in developed countries newlineand 50 percent of the population worldwide live in urban areas The world newlineurban population is expected to increase by 72 per cent by 2050 due to the newlinerapid urbanization in the developing countries Urbanization leads many newlineenvironmental problems both inside and outside of the urban areas newlineDeforestation and CO2 accumulation are the major threats by the newlineUrbanization In this context the attention of researchers and planners is newlinefocused to understand the carbon sequestration benefits and the carbon stock newlinecapacity of the urban forests Even though estimating the carbon stock is newlinemore important, the conventional methods of carbon stock estimation are are newlinefound to be inadequate and time consuming The traditional field based newlineestimation also needs huge budgets and large manpower to conduct the newlinesurvey newlineRemote Sensing offers an alternative solution to collect the data newlineQuickly In comparison with the traditional methods it is relatively cheaper newlineand less field work oriented to make accurate estimation NIR band ability newlinein multispectral sensors provide inputs for crucial for vegetation analysis newlineEarlier studies have proved its usefulness in the carbon stock estimation and newlinetemporal analysis newline newline%%%reference p163-187.