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Status of Estrogen and its Receptor Types as possible Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool in Postmenopausal Women with Comorbidities;

by Salini A

Institution: Avinashilingam Deemed University For Women
Department: Biotechnology
Year: 2015
Keywords: Menopause; hypertension; diabetes; estradiol; estrogen receptor; oxidative stress
Record ID: 1185754
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/40673


The present study was carried out in four groups of postmenopausal women namely newlinenormotensive postmenopausal women hypertensive postmenopausal women hypertensive newlinepostmenopausal women with diabetes and hypertensive postmenopausal women with renal newlineinsufficiency Normotensive postmenopausal group served as the control Biochemical estimations newlinewere performed to identify hypertensive patients with clinical complications Selected biomarkers newlineand oxidative stress markers were assessed in their serum and plasma The extent of DNA damage newlinewas assessed from comet assay indices in the participants Estradiol and estrogen receptor alpha and newlinebeta status were assessed in selected hypertensive postmenopausal women with comorbidities newlineCorrelation analysis was performed between estradiol and the selected biomarkers Docking newlinestudies were performed on estrogen receptor alpha ERalpha to identify drug targets which may help in the development of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of postmenopausal hypertension newlinewith associated comorbidities Three ligands namely raloxifene LY117018 and 2 3dihydroraloxifene were selected and docked with estrogen receptor aplha%%%