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Hybrid sorting immune simulated Annealing algorithm for flexible Job shop scheduling;

by Shivasankaran N

Institution: Anna University
Department: Hybrid sorting immune simulated Annealing algorithm for flexible Job shop scheduling
Year: 2015
Keywords: Flexible Job shop scheduling; Hybrid sorting immune
Record ID: 1185718
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/38553


Scheduling is one of the most critical issues in planning and newlinemanaging of manufacturing or repairing process In production systems the newlineperformance measures such as machine utilization manufacturing lead times newlineinventory costs meeting due dates customer satisfaction and quality of newlineproducts depends on efficient scheduling of jobs In service organizations, the newlineperformance measures such as labour utilization quoting and meeting due newlinedates with quality service affects the customer satisfaction and returns of the newlinefirm Hence developing effective scheduling approaches becomes an newlineimportant issue for attaining the predetermined objectives newlineThe primary objective of this research work is to develop a hybrid newlinealgorithm for scheduling the flexible job shops or repair shops to produce newlineglobally optimized results using minimum number of iterations In this newlineresearch hybrid sorting immune simulated annealing HSISA algorithm has newlinebeen developed for attaining the effective schedules newlineThis algorithm generates feasible solutions based on the flexibility newlinein selecting resources that reduces the solution space by confining the newlineselection of minimum time or cost and rejecting other resources The multiobjective newlinefunctions such as makespan, workload reduction and total cost newlinewhich suits the flexible job shops and repair shops has been deliberated with newlinearrival time and breakdown period newline newline%%%appendix p119-177, reference p178-187.