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Life time improvement in WSN using Meta heuristic algorithms Forcluster head selection;

by Shankar T

Institution: Anna University
Department: Life time improvement in WSN using Meta heuristic algorithms Forcluster head selection
Year: 2015
Keywords: Central Base Station; Cluster Head; Wireless Sensor Network
Record ID: 1185633
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/39869


newlineRecent advances in wireless communications and electronics have newlineenabled the development of low cost low power multifunctional sensor nodes newlinethat are small in size and communicate untethered in short distances These tiny newlinesensor nodes which consist of sensing data processing and communicating newlinecomponents leverage the idea of sensor networks Sensor networks represent a newlinesignificant improvement over traditional sensors The past few years have newlinewitnessed increased interest in the potential use of Wireless Sensor Network newline WSN in a wide range of applications and it has become a hot research area newlineSensor nodes in WSN are usually battery operated devices and hence newlineenergy saving of sensor nodes is a major design issue To prolong the networks newlinelifetime minimization of energy consumption should be implemented at all layers newlineof the network protocol stack starting from the physical layer to the application newlinelayer including cross layer optimization Optimizing energy consumption is the newlinemain concern for designing and planning the operation of the WSN Clustering newlinetechnique is one of the methods utilized to extend lifetime of the network by newlineapplying data aggregation and balancing energy consumption among sensor nodes newlineof the network In clustered networks sensor nodes in each cluster transmit their newlinedata to the respective Cluster Head CH and it aggregates data and forwards them newlineto a central Base Station BS More energy is drained from Cluster Heads CHs newlinedue to message transmission over long distances CHs to BS compared to other newlinesensor nodes in the cluster newline newline%%%reference p130-142.