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Characteristics of spun silk fabrics Produced from hollow yarns;

by Subashini S

Institution: Anna University
Department: Characteristics of spun silk fabrics Produced from hollow yarns
Year: 2015
Keywords: Alambeta Hollow yarns; Kawabata Evaluation system
Record ID: 1185214
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/33119


A survey of literature on hollow yarns and fabrics made out of them newlineshowed the absence of published work on the effects of hollowness on the newlinehandle and comfort properties of fabrics made out of different types of silk newlineThis thesis is concerned with the effect of hollowness in various newlinetypes of silk yarns such as mulberry tasar and eri on the handle and comfort newlineof fabrics For this purpose core yarns containing of mulberry tasar and eri newlinesilks and nylon multi filament of different deniers were produced in ring newlineframe Fabrics were produced using these yarns and they were treated with newlineformic acid to dissolve the core component to produce hollow yarn fabrics newlineHollowness of 11 17 22 and 32 was created in the fabrics In all newline15 fabrics samples were produced and they were tested for low stress newlinemechanical properties and comfort using Kawabata Evaluation system and the newlineAlambeta Hollow yarns were produced by dissolving the core yarns newlinecontaining silk and nylon multifilament with formic acid newlineIn all 15 types of silk yarns comprising mulberry tasar and eri were newlineProduced They were tested for tenacity elongation initial modulus work of newlinerupture elastic recovery bending rigidity and compression newlineFabric samples were also tested for bursting strength newline newline%%%appendix p272-284, reference p285-298.