AbstractsComputer Science

Semtrex a framework for building Semantic structures;

by Subalalitha CN

Institution: Anna University
Department: Semtrex a framework for building Semantic structures
Year: 2015
Keywords: Semtrex a framework
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The rapid increase in the documents on the web makes it newlinequintessential to channelize the content present in the documents The text newlinerepresentation techniques come to rescue in extracting the useful information newlinein these texts Current day text representation techniques capture the newlinesemantics between words clauses sentences paragraphs and documents The newlineproposed research aims at representing the text at all these levels and newlineconstructing a concise semantic representation on top of it through a newlineframework named SemTRex newlineThe concepts namely tra and sa gatis used in Indian literatures newlinestand as the motivation for the proposed research In Tamil s have been newlineused to define the grammar rules in a grammar masterpiece Nannool In newlineSanskrit literature have been used in many grammar newlineTo interpret the sutras in Sanskrit literature has been used to link newlineand provide continuity between the newlineThe SemTRex framework constructs a concise semantic text newlinerepresentation using the ideas of and The research integrates newlinethe modern day text representation techniques namely Universal Networking newlineLanguage UNL and Rhetorical Structure Theory RST with the ideas of newline and to come up with an efficient semantic text representation newlinetechnique newline%%%appendix p174-188, reference p189-197.