Experimental investigation on Energy conservation in Air conditioning system using Nanofluid cooled condenser;

by Chandraprabu V

Institution: Anna University
Department: Experimental investigation on Energy conservation in Air conditioning system using Nanofluid cooled condenser
Year: 2015
Keywords: Nanofluid cooled condenser; Process control Vapour
Record ID: 1184888
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/37709


Air conditioners are widely used in for personal comfort and newlineprocess control Vapour compression refrigeration system occupy over 90 newlineof the applications Due to environmental problems refrigerant R12 has been newlinephased out and R22 is in pipeline Efforts are ongoing to find out a suitable newlinealternative to R22 Efforts are made to improve the performance of small as newlinewell as large capacity systems Air conditioners with compact size are now newlinenecessary for many applications In order to obtain the compactness of air newlineconditioners smaller size of heat exchanger and high heat transfer fluid are newlineneeded But conventional air conditioners have heat exchangers of larger size newlinealong with heat removal fluids of lower heat capacity To achieve high heat newlinetransfer rate the thermal behavior of the fluid must be changed Metals and newlinemetal oxides have high capacity in heat transfer, so suspension of nanometer newlinesized metal oxide particles really improves the performance of base fluid newlineInduced nanoparticles improve the thermal conductivity of the base fluid and newlineso the thermal performance of base fluid increases In this direction in the newlinepresent research work performance of small capacity 0 75 TR R22 newlinesystems are tested with air cooled and water cooled condenser to enhance the newlineperformance the effect of retrofitting R22 system with R410A and R407C newlineand energy conservation in air conditioning system by introducing newlineAl2O3 water and CuO water nanofluid cooled condenser are studied newlineAn experimental facility has been created as per BIS standard 1391 newlineThe facility has a test window air conditioner of 2 46 kW capacity with aircooled newlineWater cooled and nanofluid cooled condenser newline newline%%%appendix p162-181, reference p182-193.