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newline Saponins are important bioactive steroidal compounds utilized in the newlinepharmaceutical industries. They are found in many plant species and have a wide newlinerange of biological properties which makes them an interesting research subject. newlineThe small shrubs or tree Memecylon edule is used in traditional medicine against newlinevarious diseases. The first part of the present research study was aimed at the newlineproduction and enhancement of saponin by means of in vitro culture; isolation of newlinesaponin from M.edule leaves in vivo. The other part of this study covered two newlineaspects. The first aspect related to results of experiments on the possible newlinepharmacological uses of M.edule saponin from haemolytic, pisicidal, insecticidal, newlineanticancer, antioxidant and antimicrobial angles. The second aspect touched a new newlinefield namely that M.edule extract is a good source for the green synthesis of gold newlineand silver nanoparticles. A detailed narrative follows. newlineThe aim of the study was focused on in vitro culture of Memecylon edule newlinefor producing saponin and to study the cell growth rate. Leaf and nodal segments of newlineMemecylon edule were cultured on half and full strength Murashige and skoog newline(MS) medium and Woody plant medium (WPM) which also contained different newlineconcentrations of growth regulators and antioxidants. For the first time, this study newlinehas standardized the medium and hormone combination to initiate callus from newlineM.edule. The green and brown friable callus and brown compact callus were newlineinduced from nodal segments and white compact callus was induced from leaf of newlineM.edule.%%%