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Scheduling decisions in nagare cell Manufacturing through simulation;

by Muthukumaran M

Institution: Anna University
Department: Scheduling decisions in nagare cell Manufacturing through simulation
Year: 2015
Keywords: Nagare cell; Scenario; Shorter lead time
Record ID: 1184615
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/41572


In the present scenario manufacturing is done through Cellular newlineManufacturing Cellular manufacturing is an application of group technology newlinein which dissimilar machines or process has been aggregated into cells each newlineof which is dedicated to the production of a part or part family In this thesis newlinethe basic manufacturing concept is proposed for a struggling manufacturer newlinewith limited conventional resources providing an alternative solution to cell newlineformation by implementing Nagare cell concept It is a Japanese concept with newlinemore objectives than cellular manufacturing system It combines manual and newlinesemiautomatic machine layout as cells and results maximum output newlineflexibility for all kind of low to medium and medium to high volume newlineproductions The solution adopted is to create a dedicated group of newlineconventional machines all but one of which is already available on the shop newlinefloor It provides the advantages like the flexible output with one or more newlineoperators working simultaneously to gain low capital expenditure high labor newlineproductivity minimal work in progress and shorter lead time The newlinedevelopment of Nagare cell design attempts to bring out man machine and newlinematerials into a product with the aim of eliminating the intercellular newlinemovements and maximizing the operator efficiency via continuous newlineimprovement to meet the customer demand per day newline newline%%%appendix p241-263, reference p264-280.