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The course of alcoholism: a search for factors fayouring recovery; -

by Kala Chakradhar

Institution: INFLIBNET
Department: Social Work
Year: 2014
Keywords: Social Work
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The problems caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol are a newlineuniversal phenomena Most alcohol related problems however are newlineseen to be experienced by drinkers who are dependent on or addicted newlineto alcohol India too has its share of problem drinkers newlinewhose rising number is fast receiving attention particularly newlineamong medical social interventionists to dissipate the problem newlineThough the Prohibition Movement in India had been a significant newlinepreventive force trying to contain and abate the problem of newlinealcohol and its myriad consequences the intervention through newlinepractice and research in the field of treatment for alcohol newlineaddiction is still to gain a strong foothold There is a noticeable newlinegap in the understanding of what can be done for alcoholics newlinethrough formal treatment and what is the outcome%%%Bibliography P.351-393