AbstractsComputer Science

Study and analysis of emerging soft Computing approaches to intelligent Systems in pattern recognition;

by Geetha ganapathi

Institution: Anna University
Department: Study and analysis of emerging soft Computing approaches to intelligent Systems in pattern recognition
Year: 2015
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Computational Intelligence; Intelligent systems; Pattern Recognition
Record ID: 1183760
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/40113


Pattern Recognition PR is the science of making inferences from newlineperceptual data using tools from statistics probability computational newlinegeometry machine learning signal processing and algorithm design Pattern newlinerecognition aims to classify patterns based on either a priori knowledge or on newlinestatistical information extracted from the patterns A pattern could be a newlinefingerprint image a handwritten cursive word a human face or a speech newlinesignal newlineIntelligent systems IS provide a methodological approach to solve newlinefairly complex problems to obtain reliable results emulating some aspects of newlineintelligence exhibited by nature IS comprises of Artificial Intelligence AI newlineand Computational Intelligence CI AI is restricted to symbolic newlinerepresentations and manipulations in a top down way as well as a sound newlinelogical inference mechanism CI is defined as a methodology involving newlinecomputing that exhibits an ability to learn and or deal with new situations newlinecomprises of soft computing whose principal constituents have extended from newlinefuzzy logic neurocomputing and evolutionary computing to probabilistic newlinereasoning and rough sets Type 2 Fuzzy Set FS is an extension of FS and is newlinehighly suitable for approximate reasoning newline newline%%%reference p155-163.