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Studies on multifunctional finishing of textiles using tio2 zno nanoparticles;

by Kathirvelu S

Institution: Anna University
Department: multifunctional finishing of textiles using tio2 zno nanoparticles
Year: 2015
Keywords: faculty of technology; nanoparticles; textiles
Record ID: 1183451
Full text PDF: http://shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in/handle/10603/32146


A survey of the literature showed the scarcity of published research newlinework on the use and study of metal oxide nanoparticles treatments for imparting newlinemultifunctional finish on 100 cotton and polyestercotton blended woven and newlineknitted fabrics The work described herein is the detailed investigation of the newlinemultifunctional finishing of woven and knitted fabrics made of 100 cotton and newlinepolyestercotton blend 4555 using the Titanium dioxide TiO2 and Zinc newlineoxide ZnO nanoparticles The 100 cotton plain woven fabric samples required newlinefor the research work were produced in a newline122 cm 48 width plain power loom using 100 cotton 148 Tex 40 Ne single newlineyarn as the warp and weft for the fabric with 39 endscm 98 endsinch and 28 newlinepickscm 72 picksinch so as to get a fabric areal density weight per sqm of newline130 gmssqm newline newline%%%Reference p.182-194