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Error correction techniques for the general class of correlative encoded continuous phase modulation signals (CECPM): implementation of nonredundant error connection (NEC) techniques in connection with spectrally efficient modulated signals as applied to tamed frequency modulation (TFM), duobinary minimum shift keying (DMSK) and duoquaternary frequency shift keying (DQF...

by Ιωάννης Μπαρμπουνάκης

Institution: Ιδρύματα Εξωτερικού; Institutes outside Greece
Year: 1999
Keywords: Διόρθωση λαθών; Κωδικοποίηση; Σχετική κωδικοποίηση; Διαφορική ανίχνευση; Error correction; Encoding; Correlative encoding; Differential detection
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